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Rejection. It’s hard!


So I’ve written 2 children’s books.

Rejection #1

16/10/12 Thank you for your recent email and the material which we have now considered.  As a small agency we take on very few of the many writers who approach us each year and, having reviewed your work, we do not feel we can effectively represent you. We trust you will understand that the sheer volume of submissions to this office unfortunately prevents us from providing you with a more detailed and personal response. May we take this opportunity to wish you success with another agent or publisher.

With all best wishes,

…and so on through Rejection#2 and Rejection #3

BUT then we have:

Number 4 Dec 2013 – A very nice rejection! Hurrah.

 I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting so very long for a reply – thanks for being so patient. You may have been signed up by another agent by now! I liked *********** very much, but in the end I’m going to have to pass this time, I’m afraid. Although I’m sure you’re right that it fulfils a need among children, I’m not confident that I could place it with a publisher at the moment.  ******** I think is a bit too scary!

I do think your writing has lots of potential though, so please feel free to keep in touch and send me more stories in future. 

Apologies again for the long wait!

Best wishes, Anne

So there’s hope!! Currently waiting on no. 5…watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Rejection. It’s hard!

  1. how many rejections did J.K. Rowling get? Just keep going!