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Wooden carved bench peckham

“My heART is in Peckham”

There’s an awful lot of art in Peckham. Just taking a circular walk will show you art by the famous to the unknown, the carefully planned and the instant pop up. Here’s a sample of the things you could see on 31st May 2014.

First of all the newest work on the block: a huge mural painted by Walter Kershaw. Apparently he is dubbed the “original Banksy”. That’ll push the house prices up a notch more then. This end of terrace masterpiece was painted over several weeks during the annual Dulwich Festival.  I’m not entirely certain what the inspiration is – clearly wind and flight play a part! During the festival last year a piece of street art by ROA was added to the side wall of the Victoria Inn. It was based on a small dog in an otherwise unappealing painting. I’m now getting to like this after a rather indifferent start.

Around Bellenden Road there are several art works which were installed during the first wave of gentrification.  These include the famous Anthony Gormley bollards and some mosaic murals which spell out phrases such as “I love Peckham”. A little further down the road is the Petitou Cafe, where the patio terrace is a ceramic tiled map of the area by Loraine Rutt. I have a fabulous A5 sized ceramic map of the area made by Loraine, who has her studio in the Bleinhem Grove studios.

Heading around the corner I arrived at McDermott Gardens, the community garden created by Charlie Dimmock in her BBC Ground Force days. There are lots of lovely little features in the garden and they will just make you smile.

From McDermott gardens the walk ambled through the back streets and onto Queens Road, heading back via Goldsmiths Road.

From Goldsmiths road I headed across the square in front of the Library where earth, air, water and fire rise up in spherical mosaic sculptures. Nearby is the post riot peace wall, created from the hundred of post it notes left after the Summer 2011 disturbances.

Then back towards Bellenden Road, passing the latest pop up “pocket place”  outside the cinema, new graffiti and old walls alike.

Who needs to go to a gallery, when there’s so much to see in one small part of town!


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