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Tagliatelle and ravioli

In which I learn to make fresh pasta.

Up early on a Saturday morning and of to City Lit where I was booked on a course entitled “Perfect pasta:making your own fresh pasta”. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this and for the sake of an early start here was my opportunity. I didn’t think it was too complicated but it just always sounded a bit scary.

The class was quite small and everything we needed was ready and waiting – bowls, ingredients, utensils and yes, pasta machines!!

rolling pasta strips using a machine

The pace of the class was brisk but well structured; a mix of watch a demonstration then do it for yourself – with the right amount of help when you needed it. Working in pairs we managed to produce some pretty decent pasta I think.

ravioili filling laid out on a pasta sheet

Filling the pasta


Getting the top sheet in place

Getting the top sheet in place

finished ravioli

Cutting the pasta

Tagliatelle and ravioli

Ready to cook!

I’ve now bought a pasta machine of my own and although I haven’t had time to lay all my bowls, ingredients, utensils and machine out yet I shall be very soon!


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