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Carved vegetables Lambeth Country Show

Vegetables. But not as you know them.

The annual Lambeth Country Show is a South London institution. It has been going for 40 years and I guess I would have started going around 1985 when I first moved from London SW15 to London SE15.

However there is one thing that surpasses the Lambeth Country Show: The Lambeth Country Show vegetable sculpture class. If you type “Lambeth Country show” into Google you tend to get vegetables as the top options.

In 2013 we had these gems:

In 2014 there was an aquatic theme:

This is generally my first port of call, followed by the craft stalls, the food hall and then a nice cup of tea and cake in the cafe. Throw in some camel racing or jousting and that just about sums up a perfect weekend outing.


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