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Eating at the Chef’s House!


I think I first learned about supper clubs a few years ago whilst in France, watching a travelogue programme called “Fourchette et sac-a-dos”. In the show the excitable host Julie took a tour of London but in particular a Brixton supper club. The idea of paying complete strangers to eat in their home was quite intriguing. So when a friend of mine announced her own supper club, I decided it was time to go eat at the Chef’s house. Although its not quite her house, but the very spacious, professional kitchen of Chef Jenny Newall, owner and head chef of Ginger Jar.

Jenny Newall at work in her kitchen

The food focus for the evening was Italian, as Jenny had recently returned from her honeymoon to Italy. On arrival we were given a choice of aperol or prosecco as an aperitif, plus a non-stop array of tasty canapés, my favourites being the squares of polenta with a variety of roasted vegetable toppings and the crispy arancini. (It was hard not to keep eating these, they were that delicious!) After a chance to drink, eat, mingle and get to know the other diners (and catch up with some old friends) we were seated for the first of many courses.

Fontina, red onion & raddichio tartlet w/ thyme potato puree & blood orange reduction

For the next few hours the food just didn’t stop. The chard & butternut squash raviolo with caper butter was a highlight for me – mainly because I am anticipating making something similar for a supper party in the near future. The idea of making ravioli for six is daunting enough, so watching the brigade of talented chefs turn out a four course meal for at least 40 people was pretty impressive. The fontina, red onion & raddichio tartlet with thyme potato puree & blood orange reduction was equally delightful. Every plate was scraped clean and if I could have decently licked out the coffee cup full of Espresso macchiato chocolate pot I might well have done so! 

So, what did I make of my first foray into a supper club? The food was beautifully presented, extremely tasty and the company highly entertaining. I’ll definitely be first in the queue for the next night at the Chef’s house.


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2 thoughts on “Eating at the Chef’s House!

  1. This all sounds fab Cathy! Lucky you!