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Oil painting sunlight on Falmouth bay

Everyday Art #1: Sunlight on Falmouth Bay

It’s always a newsworthy event when a private work of art is finally exhibited for the public to see. Queues will form around the block and we will wait patiently to see the very thing we feel we have somehow been denied. We collectively consider art to be something to share. Public art fills our spaces and art galleries are crammed with visitors. The idea of “hidden art” intrigues us, yet somehow seems the sole preserve of the mega-rich, reclusive collector.

I started to ponder on this, one early autumn evening, when I glimpsed a great set of original prints by an artist I love, in a well lit hallway. These pieces had been bought and taken home, in effect removing them from public view. It struck me then, that in some way, anyone who buys original works instantly becomes part of the world of hidden art – like the reclusive collectors, we remove it from the public view for our own pleasure and enjoyment.

So here then, is a glimpse into my own private gallery, my everyday art.

No1: Alasdair Lindsay: Sunlight on Falmouth Bay  2004 (200mm x 600mm acrylic on board).

Oil painting sunlight on Falmouth bay

I fell in love with this painting the minute I saw it. Which was, at first, in the catalogue for a 2004 exhibition at Beside The Wave, my favourite home town gallery.  I was instantly drawn to the impressionist nature of the painting. I love the looseness of the brushwork and the strong horizontal shape to it. To me this picture reflects the docks and the industrial face of Falmouth: tall metal cranes, merchant ships and grey naval boats waiting for repair. Yet it is also one of those sunny Cornish days when even the drab workaday places can sparkle and shine.

It’s a painting which lightens the dull days and always brings a smile to my face.

©Chez l’abeille 2014


PS: I shared the link to Alasdair’s facebook page and got this lovely reply.

“thank you for the link, I liked reading what you had to say about the painting and think you are pretty much spot on ! Good to see the painting again. Like you say so many paintings are in private collections under lock and key I doubt I’ll see many of mine in the flesh again.”


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