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Chihuly Lumiere

Dale Chihuly: Lumière

Out of adversity comes opportunity: In this case, adversity was the London transport system (post Christmas transport scheduling) but the opportunity proved worth the stress of late trains and slow buses. Short cutting on foot along Bond Street I discovered a new exhibition at the Halcyon gallery by a favourite artist, Dale Chihuly.

At first glance I didn’t realise that this was in fact Chihuly’s work – moving away from the organic, three dimensional forms, these works are “acrylic light drawings”. In this first ever drawing show, the exhibition demonstrates both a shift in the artist’s approach to bringing together light, glass and colour and celebrates a fifty year journey in exploring new ways of bringing these elements together.

The works however still have an organic feel; colour appears to be applied in a random fashion, yet there is clearly a sense of purpose and structure within them. Both sides of the light box surface are used and the colours are applied in a variety of ways, even, I discovered, with implements like brooms. This gives each piece an interesting mix of textures and tones. You can see how the artist creates his drawings in this video.


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As well as the light drawings the exhibition also includes work in neon and the more familiar glass forms. Collectively they celebrate the work of an artist who has been instrumental in defining work in glass as fine art, yet who continues to excite with new and innovative approaches to capturing light, form and colour.

Halcyon Gallery

Dale Chihuly, Lumière

05 Dec 2014 – 31 Jan 2015

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