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May 2015

I’ve known Jess since she was born. She has fought really hard to beat anorexia – her words are really worth reading. She has written this for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

Never give up

It is with a sob of regret, a cry of pain, a helpless apology, and still an overwhelming feeling of fear. I believe you should never be ashamed of who you are, I am honest, I say what I think. But I don’t. It is the unmentioned, the avoided. I try to explain if I am asked but I never volunteer it. I was ashamed – because it is still a taboo. And now I’m still scared of the look, the conversation, the assumptions that I ASSUME will follow. That’s human nature, we judge, we guess, we form opinions based on often very little information.

But I do this to raise awareness, to explain and to apologise to everyone who cares, who does not understand and all those who have believed in me throughout the bleakest of times. I was diagnosed with the mental illness, anorexia nervosa, aged 15. I…

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