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Urban Art 2015 Brixton sign

Urban Art 2015


Martin Grover Urban Art notice

Martin Grover Urban Art notice

Today’s trip out and about started with a flier. It came from another favourite artist of mine, Martin Grover and in his usually witty style, this flier stood out from the mish-mash of stuff that generally arrives through the front door. I’ve never been to the Urban Art event in Brixton, as it has usually coincided with the annual Lambeth Country Show (as you may know, carved vegetables are a speciality art form which cannot easily be passed over) so a date shift made 2015 the year to go along and visit Josephine Avenue, SW2.

Tucked behind the main route between Brixton and Tulse Hill, Josephine Avenue is a curving, tree lined road which connects Effra road with Brixton Hill. The continous metal railings which line the pavements make this a perfect space to hang and display artworks great and small, from established and amateur artists alike. The centre of the street is also used for display, turning the road into a great big open air art gallery. Throw in some good friends and various tea and coffee stops and it was a perfect Sunday afternoon outing.


There was also an additional street art space, where we could watch various artists at work. I was particularly impressed by “fly” by Fanakapan, which positively glowed in the July sunshine! (If anyone knows who the unnamed artists/works are, please tell me.)

There was a lot to look at, but we all agreed the screenprints and painted blades by Lene Bladbjerg were particularly captivating and witty. I also loved revisiting Martin Grover’s work as well. Although we didn’t make any purchases today (a new exhaust pipe always trumps buying art in any weekend period), there were plenty of bubble wrapped bargains heading off home by the end of the afternoon. Who needs a fancy gallery, when you have this perfectly formed al fresco South London art space to explore!

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