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In which I pop over to Paris: friends, food and pharmacies.

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For quite a few years I have visited various parts of France with my old friends Mardi and Neil. This year due to various house purchasing shenanigans on their part and writing courses on mine, we have been a bit tight for free time but we finally managed to organise a fun and food filled weekend get together in Paris. Pourquoi Pas?

Friday: I arrived earlier than the others so took advantage of the time and had a walk around the quartier of Montparnasse. Then we regrouped and headed out to Frenchie wine bar in the 2nd, where we got in first, ate our way through most of the menu and were decreed “cool” by our lovely waiter! A full review of the evening was written up here, complete with the pictures of what we ate! Definitely worth a drool over. Curiously it was rammed with English speaking patrons but I guess most of the locals were en congé”. It is August in Paris after all!

Saturday: We strolled out on a rather cool morning after a heavy night’s rain and headed to the Hilton where a display of models “en Lego” was on offer. It also meant we got to use the Hilton toilets as well.

Now historically, we have often had cause to find a pharmacy for some medical advice – notably the great wasp attack of summer 2012 where I ended up with pills, cream AND a spray for one stung finger. Somehow most trips have included some drama or another which has required a trip to seek advice and our 2 days in 2015 were no exception! This time it was an infected insect bite but I managed to come out lightly with just an antibiotic cream and the french equivalent of calamine lotion. (It’s made by Avène!)

Anyway – from the excitement of the pharmacy and on to a lunch time drink in our usual end of holiday spot Printemps, and a trip to the rooftop of Galleries Lafayette for the rooftop views. After a whizz around the Grande Roue de Paris we scooted over to the Marais for an ice cream of epic proportions from Une Glace à Paris. I can’t recall what flavours I had but as one of the owners is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) rest assured they are generally delicious. Neil however had the smoked vanilla flavour:  It’s interesting but I think would be an aquired taste.

A quick trip back to the hotel and then out to eat. First stop was un apéro at the miniscule L’Avant Comptoir (click through to the restaurants to find out more but be warned – it’s a site full of music and flim-flammery) which surprisingly we had almost to ourselves! Then on to eat at a really quirky, family run restaurant just around the corner from Notre Dame – La Reserve de Quasimodo, apparently the oldest winebar in Paris! The food was good – I was particularly excited to try Burbot which is apparently an extinct fish in the UK. I only heard about this fish recently though a fascinating BBC radio programme, so trying that was a no-brainer!

As we wandered back through the encroaching dusk of Paris en fête for the big 15th August holiday the sun set on a great weekend catching up and I’m sure we’ll be back sometime soon to do it all over again!

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One thought on “In which I pop over to Paris: friends, food and pharmacies.

  1. Lovely writeup – love seeing what (different) pics you took (also, we have some that are nearly the same!). So much fun to plan a weekend in Paris for you – and so easy. Food, wine and a trip to the pharmacy? What more could a girl want? 😉