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Decisions, decisions…


The Hayward Gallery is closing very soon for a complete refurb and the final show has been billed as a summer must see, so off I went to see what it was all about.

I have to say I’ve seen Carsten Höller’s work before and have always been a bit undecided about it – so wondered if maybe “Decision”, his latest show would change that. I had also missed out on the infamous Tate modern slides installation in 2007 and this exhibition included a set of slides attached to the side of the Hayward, so with them in mind I had booked my ticket quite a while ago.

The works focus on the choices you make and how you interact with them: Take entrance A or B? Push the “Flying mushrooms” left or right? Swallow the small red and white capsule* from “Pill Clock” or leave not knowing? I started out with a quite a high level of excitement and anticipation, with a degree of trepidation as well!

Choosing door A, I entered a narrow metal passage way which became darker and more disorientating as I trailed my way,  using just my hands on the wall, around the twisting path. At the time I think I was the only person in the intertwined tunnels so didn’t get any sense of others nearby as they wove around the gallery – this gave it a very isolated, eerie feel and I was pretty pleased to pop out into the first gallery. It was then I discovered that photography was allowed (not usual in the Hayward) so I ducked out, courtesy of the very nice staff to grab my phone (excuse picture quality!). Heading back in I was keen to get going again.

Disappointingly, my overall sensation was one of being underwhelmed by the exhibition. Fundamentally the decision the visitor has to make is “do I engage with this work or not”? Whilst a few pieces captured my attention, overall I found my focus wandered and in several cases of overlong queues my decision was to simply pass by. And the slides – by the end I just wanted to leave the quickest way possible. I exited through the gift shop.

(*It’s still in my bag)

Decision – Carston Holler is on at the Hayward Gallery until 6th September 2015

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2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Loved this blog! Of the four of us who went, two of us took the pill. One swallowed it, but I sucked mine. Just chalk inside, I think. Oh. And what were the snakes all about?


    • Thanks! I wondered about the snakes too. Maybe we were just supposed to wonder. Although there were 2 of them and there was a strong theme of twins, so maybe they were just twin snakes!