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On New Year

My old friend at A little bit of fluff has some wise thoughts on resolutions which I reblog here. She also writes a great (new) blog which is worth a read.

A Little Bit of Fluff

Well Happy New Year to you! I’m a bit late I know, and by now the hangovers are a distant memory along with vegging out in front of the telly watching the annual Christmas turkey, as reality strikes with a vengeance and a return to work and school is demanded. But New Year is a Big Thing in our culture and I felt I should share the Fluffy perspective.

I have to confess that  New Year’s Eve has left me seriously underwhelmed since the age if 17. This was the year I sat in high anticipatory expectation with my friend Cynthia, awaiting the call from the cool kids to attend an amazing party or go to a trendy pub or watch the fireworks over the Thames. None came. Not even from the uncool kids So we stayed in…totally bored. And knowing, absolutely knowing, that everyone else was having the most amazing…

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