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The Streets of London: Here’s looking at you


So. It was a sunny Sunday after a rather grim Saturday. What to do with a day with no prior engagements?

Inspired by recent postings by Inspiring City, I decided to go for a street art focused wander along Brick Lane towards Hoxton, armed with a digital camera and the trusty Pentax.

Having used up my camera battery and an entire roll of Ilford film which is now waiting to be processed, I discovered that most of the images I photographed today were faces. Large faces, small faces, skeletal faces and famous faces.

Here’s looking at you.


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5 thoughts on “The Streets of London: Here’s looking at you

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  2. I’ll put one up somewhere!


  3. I’d not realised just how good street art in London now is…some of these must have been major projects to achieve.