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Vegging out.


If you really, really want to know what’s out there in the zietgeist then there’s one sure fire way to find out.


Love Lambeth

Yes – that would be the Lambeth Country Show and you KNOW where that leads: straight to the carved vegetable competition.

I actually thought there was a queue to get into the Flower and Produce tent but it turned out the judges were just being all judgy. A quick jaunt up to the jousting and the canvas flaps were lifted. We were in and there was a definite first day of the sales type scrum to get pole position around the carved veg entries.

So what’s hot in the world of veg carving in 2016?

First there was American presidential hopeful Donald Trump in triplicate:

I thought Donald Trumpkin was particularly inspired, but the butternut squash should be commended for genius use of beetroot.

UK politics fared just as well with this pre and post Brexit collection. Gove’s glasses came in useful for identification purposes but stick any old pile of yellow fluff on a vegetable and I guess you will always end up with Bo-Jo of the Fo-O.


The Labour leadership debacle also had a strong showing with two types of Corbean.


Jeremy Corn on the Corbyn and Celery Cor-Bean

There were several other worthy entrants in this year’s collection but they were somehow dwarfed by these masterpieces of political satire.

2016 – A bumper crop!


Entries into the 2016 carved veg competition

The Lambeth Country Show is at Brockwell Park SE24 until Sunday 17th July.

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  1. My goodness Cathy – this put a big smile on my face this morning! Love these!!

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